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Introduction of TS07 Thermal Barrier for Slab Reheat Processes

TS07 Thermal BarrierPhoenixTM (Phoenix Temperature Measurement), specialising in industrial temperature profiling systems, introduce their TS07 system for measuring stock temperature in slab reheat furnaces in the steel industry.

To verify the theoretical temperature data from mathematical models which control reheat furnaces, trials are often carried out in which a data logging system is carried through the reheat furnace on a slab so that actual stock temperature can be gathered. To withstand the harsh environment of a reheat furnace on a regular basis requires a durable thermal barrier that affords the highest degree of protection to the data logger, thereby ensuring the highest accuracy levels.

The TS07 thermal barrier has many innovative features including:

  • Heavy duty, high temperature alloy steel frame to retain outer insulation layers and able to withstand temperatures up to 1300°C
  • An insulation structure with graded layers for maximum heat protection, and tank supports to prevent base layer crushing
  • Holding tray with built in thermocouple securing clamps and lid to protect logger against condensing moisture and external heat during removal
  • 'No Spill' water filling method to prevent soaking internal and external insulation layers
  • A data logger with watertight electronics and battery compartments to prevent moisture ingress from evaporation on the inner barrier surfaces

The management and design staff of PhoenixTM have over 60 years of combined experience in producing profiling solutions for the heat treatment, finishing, and ceramic industries and focus on customer centred solutions for tough heat treatment processes.