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Introduction of the 'Compact' 6-Channel Data Logger

Compact Logger with cable and batteriesPhoenixTM (Phoenix Temperature Measurement), specialising in industrial temperature profiling systems, introduce their new 'Compact' 6-Channel Data Logger.

All PhoenixTM Data Loggers are designed and manufactured for use in industrial processes, and the new 'Compact' six channel logger has curing processes in the paint finishing industry specifically in mind. The PTM1006 Compact has been constructed using the most advanced components to ensure accuracy and reliability in a harsh environment. Like other PhoenixTM data loggers it boasts a 440,000 data point non-volatile memory and an accuracy of +/- 0.3°C in a tough, slim (70mm wide) machined aluminium casing.

Ease of use was a major consideration in designing this new logger, there are no complex keypad programming sequences, just a simple set up screen in the comprehensive software package supplied. On the theme of simplicity the Compact logger is powered by two standard 'AA' alkaline batteries that have a lifetime of over 400 hours, so you need never worry about charge levels or availability.

The management and design staff of PhoenixTM have over 60 years of combined experience in producing profiling solutions for the heat treatment, finishing, and ceramic industries and focus on customer centred solutions for tough heat treatment processes.