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The new TS06 Thermal Barrier

TS06 Thermal BarrierPhoenixTM (Phoenix Temperature Measurement), specialising in industrial temperature profiling systems, introduce their TS06 system for profiling aluminium solution treatment furnaces. 
With the introduction of the CQI-9 heat treatment standard in the automobile industry, measuring the temperature profile of products and atmosphere throughout this complex heat treatment process is becoming essential. 
The TS06 system travels through the furnace together with the product, monitoring both product and atmosphere temperatures. Featuring the TS06 thermal barrier, which keeps the data logger cool throughout the solution treatment and age hardening furnaces, and dry through the intervening water quench, the system has many innovative features including:

  • A single evaporative inner barrier with a watertight logger cavity and heavy duty compression fittings, ensuring easy and positive fitting of the data logger
  • A streamlined insulation system that requires only seven insulation panels, and is designed to prevent the base insulation layers being crushed
  • A data logger with watertight electronics and battery compartments to prevent moisture ingress from evaporation on the inner barrier surfaces

The management and design staff of PhoenixTM have over 60 years of combined experience in producing profiling solutions for the heat treatment, finishing, and ceramic industries and focus on customer centred solutions for tough heat treatment processes.