ATEX Finishing System (FIS04 ATEX)

PhoenixTM 0050 PhoenixTM ATEX Finishing System v2

Many solvent or water-based coating lines require products being coated to  pass through zones / areas that are classified as potentially hazardous. These areas may include the paint booth, flash off zone and even the paint curing oven itself. In such areas potentially explosive gases / volatile organic compounds (VOC) may be present from solvents such as Acetone, Toluene and Xylene, used in and released from the coatings or as cleaning agents.

For any classified ATEX applications it is required by regulatory bodies that ATEX certified equipment should be used. The PhoenixTM ATEX finishing system offers such a system. Employing the Intrinsically safe 10 channel PTM1410 Epsilon-x data logger for thru-process temperature profiling system in ATEX Gas Zone 2 classified areas.

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