15 months ago

New PhoenixTM Thermal View Food Software ....HACCP Validation Power

PhoenixTM has released a new version of Thermal View Food software complimenting it range of thru-process temperature profiling systems used in the Food Processing Industry. The Food software brings some significant new graphical management features. Customization of profile graphical data is now possible to suit each application, make trace identification and interpretation easier also make reporting consistent run to run. A comprehensive list of new features provided include:

New Features added to TV Food V2.6           Released 1 May 2021

  • Profile Splitting feature - Split profile with multiple oven peaks into discrete separate profiles. Analyse cook and chill profiles separately in full focused detail.
  • Customization of Temperature & Time axis settings (Markers and Tick Intervals) with Default Settings Function – Clear high-resolution interpretation of graph data.
  • Profile Trace Identification - Trace label and trace highlight functions
  • Automatic selection of Time axis to match profile duration. <1 hr Time (MM:SS)
  • In product library file the Fo/Pu parameters files for micro-organisms can be created and stored for future selection.
  • Optimized 1 page report to maximize graph size when Fo/Pu results deselected in print options.
  • Auto Population of Company details into report but with ability to manually edit and store with profile.
  • Copy Product Details feature added to TV Food software – Efficient process set-up.
  • Report Optimization - Report Title Stored with profile. Print Prioritization Fo/Pu over probe location table / Probe image. Probe location name truncation in printed report.

Backed up with efficient local service and technical support the PhoenixTM Food systems are a valuable and important addition to any Food Technologists HACCP QA tool kit.

For additional information, please contact Dr Steve Offley at +44 (0) 1353 223100; +44 (0) 7890 197636, steve.offley@phoenixtm.com

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