Data loggers

PhoenixTM Data Loggers are designed for use in harsh industrial environments. The electronics are protected by a robust, water resistant, machined aluminium case. Cold junction compensation with feedback error detection and noise reduction ensures accurate and reliable data. Optional two way RF telemetry is available, allowing real time data analysis and for the data logger to be reset and downloaded remotely. All loggers are shipped with a factory calibration certificate traceable to national standards. Optional certification to UKAS (UK) or DKD (Germany) can be supplied if required. For convenience and future reference, a copy of the original calibration certificate and the calibration data are stored within the data logger and can be accessed as required.

  • A tough lightweight machined aluminium case providing mechanical and waterproof protection
  • Data Logger accuracy, typically +/- 0.54 °F ensured with efficient cold junction compensation and noise reduction features
  • Detailed temperature profiles possible with large 3.8 million data point memory and sample measurement down to 0.2s and measurement resolution 0.1 °F
  • Different operational and measurement temperature ranges to suit the process requirements from -200 to +4172 °F
  • Configurable thermocouple versions of 6-20 channels with choice of thermocouple types to match application specification Thermocouple types including K, N, T, J, B, C, R & S
  • User replaceable batteries providing up to 1000 hours operation
  • Optional 2-way RF Telemetry feature allowing live Data Logger control and temperature monitoring direct from the oven or furnace
  • Bluetooth wireless Data Logger operation at reset and Download
  • Mobile App Data Logger operation allowing remote reset and download
  • Application of automatic Data Logger Correction Factors from the internal calibration certificate as part of CQI-9 and AMS2750 TUS operations.
  • Intrinsically safe Data Logger option for safe use in ATEX classified zones (GAS Zone 2).
  • External stand-alone data logger options for AMS2750 and CQI-9 Batch furnace TUS operations.

* May not apply to all models check each Data Logger specification

PTM1220 Standard v2

PTM1200 (Standard Temperature) Range - Conventional Thermal Barrier Use

Designed for use in the PhoenixTM High Temperature system range – Heat Treatment of metals requiring either Temperature Profiling of Surveying (TUS) where thermal protection is provided by a conventional thermal barrier design incorporating microporous insulation and heat sink technology.

Download datasheet [362 KB]
PTM1220 HT

PTM1200 HT (High Temperature) Range - Evaporative Thermal Barrier Use

Designed for use in the PhoenixTM High Temperature system range – Heat Treatment of metals requiring either Temperature profiling of surveying (TUS) where thermal protection is provided by an evaporative thermal barrier design and the datalogger needs to operate safely @ 212 °F.

Download datasheet [363 KB]

PTM1200 LT (Low Temperature) Range

Designed for use in the PhoenixTM Finishing system range - Coatings market for monitoring Paint and Powder Coating cure ovens.

Download datasheet [466 KB]
PTM1220NT Data Logger

PTM1200 NT (Negative Temperature) Range

Designed for use in the PhoenixTM Food system range - Food Processing market for HACCP validation where both cook and chill/freeze processes need monitoring

Download datasheet [263 KB]
PTM1520 with profile and blue sheet metal part

PTM1500 Epsilon-x Intrinsically Safe Range

Designed for use in PhoenixTM Finishing system range – Coating market for monitoring Paint and Powder Coating cure ovens in areas classified as having an explosive risk. Certified intrinsically safe for use in EU (ATEX) and USA & Canada (cMETus).

externer Logger auf Riffelblech

PTM3-200 External Logger Range – Stand-alone Data Logger external to process

Designed specifically for use in the PhoenixTM Temperature Survey System range – Heat Treating industry requiring temperature surveying of batch Furnaces to satisfy AMS2750 and CQI-9 TUS requirements.

The Data Logger being external to the furnace requires no Thermal Barrier with thermocouples passing from the Data Logger into the furnace heating chamber through either door recess or purpose designed thermocouple port.

Download datasheet [623 KB]