Thru-Process Temperature Profiling & Survey Solutions for Industrial Heating Applications

Phoenix Temperature Measurement – Providers of ‘Thru-process’ Temperature measurement systems used to measure product and process temperature through industrial heat treatment processes. The data logger travels safely through the furnace protected by a thermal barrier with none of the problems of trailing thermocouples. The comprehensive historic temperature record ‘temperature profile’ obtained allows you to understand, control, improve and certify the process. Whether heat treating metal, surveying furnaces, curing paint or powder coatings or even deep-frying chicken PhoenixTM can offer a temperature profiling solution.

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Profile and TUS

Temperature Profiling & Surveying

Product Temperature Profiling
Obtain a complete record of the products temperature as it travels through the entire heating process.

Temperature Surveying (AMS2750 & CQI-9)
Accurately prove that your furnace is working to specification at all critical temperature setpoints.


Optical Profiling

Product Eye View through the furnace
Obtain a video record of the products passage through the furnace under normal production conditions. Identify furnace and product problems at source

What, How & Why?

Learn How PhoenixTM Can Help Your Heat Treat Process! Use the PhoenixTM solutions to understand, control, improve and certify your Heat Treat process. Watch the video to learn more!

The PhoenixTM System

Data Logger

PhoenixTM offers a range of accurate and robust multi-channel data loggers to suit different heat treat applications.

Thermal Barrier

Designed to protect the data logger a comprehensive range of thermal barriers are available to match the unique hostile conditions of each process (heat, pressure, quench etc).


Critical to measurement accuracy. PhoenixTM offer a range of accurate thermocouples designed specially for each product type and measurement challenge

Profiling Software

The Thermal View family of software packages are custom designed to meet specific industry requirements for profile analysis, review and reporting.

RF Telemetry

Two-way RF Telemetry system provides live real time data logger control and temperature monitoring direct from the process.

TUS Software (CQI-9 & AMS2750)

Thermal View Survey Software provides an easy efficient solution to all you Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) requirements.


Optic System

Optical profiling system providing video footage of your products journey through the furnace during normal production.

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Over the last ten years PhoenixTM has evolved to bring innovation, quality and simplicity to the process of thru-process temperature profiling and surveying. With an experienced team PhoenixTM is proud to serve a growing international customer base with a professional consultative service. Many industry firsts from PhoenixTM are changing the way that customers are working, applying unique solutions to make temperature profiling safer, easier, quicker and more informative. We aim to provide solutions that are fit for purpose, robust, easy to use but also provide value for money. With local support we endeavour to ensure that you get the quick efficient support you deserve including full calibration services to ISO17025.


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Optical Profiling ‘A Products Eye View’ IH Magazine Aug 2020

Discover what Truly happens in your Heat Treat Furnace. Combine PhoenixTM Thru-process Temperature and Optical Profiling techniques.

Automotive Optic

New Editorial Published in Surface World Magazine June 2020

Discover what Truly happens in your Paint Cure Oven. Combine PhoenixTM Thru-process Temperature and Optical Profiling techniques.


New PhoenixTM Editorial - Published in HTPro Magazine May 2020

Read the new  PhoenixTM Editorial - Thru-process Temperature monitoring and Surveying Low Pressure and Sealed Gas Quench Carburizing processes

PhoenixTM Brazing editorial

New PhoenixTM Brazing Editorial - Aluminium International Today Magazine Sept 2019

Read a copy of the PhoenixTM Editorial 'Brazing Basics' published in Aluminium International Today Magazine Sept/Oct 2019 'Thru-process' temperture profiling a means to achieve process understanding, control, optimisation and validation in CAB Aluminium Brazing.

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Chris Budden included in Heat Treat Today Magazines “40 Under 40” Class of 2021

PhoenixTM are delighted to announce that Chris Budden has successfully been included in the Heat Treat Today magazines 40 under 40 Class of 2021.

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New PhoenixTM Thermal View Food Software ....New HACCP Validation Power

PhoenixTM has released a new version of Thermal View Food software complimenting it range of thru-process temperature profiling systems used in the Food Processing Industry.

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New PhoenixTM LLC Office Address

From the 4th January 2021 the postal address for the PhoenixTM LLC Office in the USA will be changing to that detailed below.

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