HTS12 Sealed Gas Carburizing with Integral Oil Quench

The unique HTS12 system has been designed to meet the demands of continuous sealed carburizing furnaces with an integral oil quench. Commonly used for heat treating of automotive parts such as gears etc monitoring of the complete process, including the oil quench, is critical to prevent part distortion and ensure carbon diffusion is performed to specification.
TS12 Systemshot

For such furnace technology the historic limitation of ‘thru-process’ temperature profiling has been the need for the thermal barrier to bypass the oil quench and wash stations. Valuable process temperature data in the oil quench has therefore been missed. 

The key to the TS12 barrier design is the encasement of a sealed inner barrier with its own thermal protection within blocks of high-grade sacrificial insulation contained in a robust outer structural frame.

The thermal barrier permits the system to travel safely through the carburizing furnace, oil quench then wash station monitoring the product temperature in all phases of the processes.

In such carburizing processes the oil quench rate is critical to both the metallurgical composition of the metal but also elimination of product distortion and quench cracks. The value of monitoring the quench as well as the carburizing zone is therefore significant. Regular monitoring of the quench is important as ageing of the oil results in decomposition, oxidation and contamination of the oil all degrading the heat transfer characteristics and therefore the quench efficiency.

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