Optic System

Complementing its existing range of ‘Thru-process’ temperature profiling systems, PhoenixTM now offer an exciting innovative new “Optic system” for use in continuous ovens and furnaces. The unique system allows process engineers for the first time to view the inner workings of the thermal process under normal production conditions. Travelling through the continuous oven/furnace, with the products being processed, the Optic system gives a product’s eye view of the entire heat treatment journey.

The unique Optic thermal barrier has been designed to provide thermal protection for both 4K high definition video camera and high temperature torches, providing an independent light source to ensure picture quality and definition.  The resulting video “Optical Profile” show process engineers how their process is operating without any need to stop, cool and dismantle the furnace.

Optic Nocolock

Optical Profiling the technology benefits

……the complete picture of your Heat Treat Process.

  • Instant
    - View the inner workings of your furnace without the need to dismantle the furnace or stop production.
  • New Understanding
    - See actual heat treat process occurring where this results in visual changes to the product
  • Production Conditions
    - See the operation of the furnace under actual production conditions fully loaded.
  • Time Saving
    - No delay to Cool, Disassemble, Reassemble as with normal inspection procedures etc.
  • Complementary
    - Run video profile simultaneously with temperature profile to combine Thermal and Visual information.  

Optical Profiling Systems

PhoenixTM 0001 PhoenixTM TS64 Optic Barrier and Mount
PhoenixTM TS64 Optic Barrier and Mount

Optical Profiling of Paint Cure Ovens

TS64-140-1-2 Optic Finishing System Barrier (including adjustable mount bracket)

PhoenixTM 0000 PhoenixTM TS68 Optic Barrier
PhoenixTM TS68 Optic Barrier

Optical Profiling of either Brazing line (CAB & Vacuum)

TS68-125-1-1 Optic Brazing System Barrier

TS64 offen sauber
PhoenixTM Optic Barrier Torch and Camera

Torch and Video Camera

Video Camera

The video camera supplied with the PhoenixTM Optic system has been designed for use in hostile, high temperature environments, so is ideal for the optical profiling application. The compact camera offers an onboard memory card and rechargeable battery making it perfect for remote use and installation within the protective thermal barrier.

Video Resolution: Customer selectable up to 4K: 3840x2160 @ 24fps
Memory card: 32 GB (Partitioned into separate video capture intervals)
Video length: 100 mins @1080p
Battery:                  USB Rechargeable
Camera Set-up: Via WiFi using Mobile App
Video Transfer: Via USB comms or Card Reader
Camera Status: LED, Audio & Vibrate
Dimensions: 104 x 32 x 32 mm / 4.1 x 1.3 x 1.3 inch
PhoenixTM 0004 FireCam Camera Cut OUt
PhoenixTM 0003 Nite Hunter Torch Cut out

High Temperature Torch

The robust high temperature LED torch gives complete control over illumination with both intensity and field of view adjustment.

Torch Intensity: Adjustable up to 960 Lumen Maximum
Torch lens: Borosilicate rated up to 500 °C / 932 °F
Field of View: User adjustable (Tight – Product focus, Wide – Furnace focus)
Battery: User replaceable Lithium (CR123 70 °C / 158 °F) – Battery Life 2 hours @ 960 Lumens

Optical Profiling the Value


Build-up of Flux debris at exit of muffle furnace Uneven product transfer due to distorted belt.

PhoenixTM 0001 Optic System Video CAB Brazing
PhoenixTM 0000 Optic System Video Vac Brazing v2

Vacuum Brazing Furnace

Faulty heater element and excessive product movement

Process Condition

Check the condition of the internal walls of the Furnace to ensure they are fit for purpose

  • Damaged or Distorted panels / Sealing gaps / Corrosion
  • Build-up of dirt/flux/condensate or general processing debris – Contamination risk - identify critical cleaning action
  • Correct alignment adjustment of ducting to allow correct air flow / convective heat transfer
  • Identify ignition events or other safety related issues within the furnace

Product Transfer

Check that the product travels safely and smoothly through the process without conflict or obstruction

  • Conveyor belts run flat and product orientation is kept constant – No belt damage or distortion
  • No product vibration of excessive movement which may cause damage to product or affect processing step
  • Check that products are able to pass through without clashing with furnace furniture or product clumping

Condition & Operation of Key Furnace Features

Check that key furnace features are working correctly and not damaged

  • Fans, Ducting, Control thermocouples, Gas Feed pipes, Zone separation curtains/brushes

Thermal Process Observation

Check that the process is being performed correctly where heat treatment action is physically visible

  • Brazing – Melt and Flow of filler metal
  • Painting – Visually see paint drips and identify their source

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