PhoenixTM offer a comprehensive range of thru-process systems designed for the different application and customer requirements in the paint & powder coating industry.

To certify that the coated product achieves the coating suppliers cure specification (Time @ Temperature) it is necessary to know the true product temperature through the entire oven process. Temperature sensors positioned along the oven give only a snap shot of what the oven environmental temperature is at that specific point in the oven. IR pyrometers can provide surface temperature measurement but require line of site so limit the areas of the product that can be measured. Referring to the product this may, as with an Automotive car body shell, be made up of many different materials with differing thermal conductivities (steel, aluminium, composites) and sections of very different thickness and thermal mass.

This being the case the product temperature being measured may need to be from many unique locations to fully understand the cure process for the complete product. For simpler, or a mix of products possibly, the location of the product within the oven may be critical requiring multiple products to be measured at different positions (Product Hanging Rack Top, Middle, Bottom) to highlight possible variations in oven temperature.

FIS 04 schwarzer Logger
PhoenixTM Classic Finishing System

Classic Finishing System – Premium Paint & Powder Coating

Thru-process monitoring of premium paint operations such as automotive OEM car body painting operations.

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PhoenixTM 0050 PhoenixTM ATEX Finishing System
PhoenixTM ATEX Finishing System

ATEX Finishing System – Paint Coating in ATEX Classified Process

Thru-process monitoring of premium paint operations where the paint and oven operations are classified as ATEX zones which require the use of ATEX certified equipment.

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PhoenixTM Compact System v2
Compact System – Powder Coating

Compact System – Powder Coating

Work horse thru-process monitoring system used for routine paint and powder coating applications for both OEM paint shops, custom coating and coating supplier operations.

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PTFE System
PhoenixTM PTFE Finishing System

PTFE Finishing System – High Temperature Coating Cure

Thru-process monitoring of high temperature coating cure operations such as PTFE where cure temperatures exceed 300 °C.

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